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Infectious Happiness

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Introducing Infectious Happiness, the ultimate tool for achieving a happier, healthier you. At the Synchronicity Agroforestry Center, we believe in the power of nature to transform your life and bring you Infectious Happiness with the Yellowstone Eco Tourism Initiative (YETI).

Our unique approach combines sustainable agriculture with holistic health practices to create a comprehensive system for improving your well-being. From personalized precision health coaching to animal therapy, guided tours, and guided meditations, we have everything you need to optimize your health and happiness.

And if you're looking for something truly special, check out our nutraceuticals and sacred ceremony retreats. These transformative experiences will help you connect with your inner self and achieve a sense of peace and balance that will radiate through your life.

At the Synchronicity Agroforestry Center, we are committed to promoting sustainable agriculture and holistic health practices that benefit you, the environment, and society as a whole. Join us today and experience the YETI Infectious Happiness that comes from living in harmony with nature.

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Shae Wellness

With Precision Health Alliance, you will have access to cutting-edge health technology that is customized to your unique needs. Our partnership with ph360 brings you personalized health assessments that use your genetic data, lifestyle factors, and environmental factors to create a comprehensive health plan just for you. The Shae app provides a user-friendly interface to track your progress and connect with your coach and support team.

Our team of expert coaches, therapists, and guides will work with you to develop a personalized plan for your health and wellness. We have the resources and expertise to help you achieve your goals. Join us today and experience the transformative power of the Precision Health Alliance.

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Infectious Happiness nutraceuticals provide physiological benefits, protect against chronic diseases, and enhance mood, many studies have shown. Our products support overall health, delay aging, increase life expectancy, and improve body function while promoting joy and happiness.

Our focus is on presenting new concepts about disease-modifying nutraceuticals, emphasizing herbal options for hard curative disorders related to oxidative stress. Join us in spreading positivity and joy through healthy living and the use of Infectious Happiness nutraceuticals.

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Wellness Programs

Wellness programs offer various activities, such as guided meditations, retreats, sacred ceremonies, and tours through natural attractions, like Yellowstone National Park, to promote physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

The aim is to find a personalized wellness plan that suits individual needs and fosters balance and harmony in life. By prioritizing self-care and investing in oneself, individuals can lead happier, healthier lives and positively impact those around them. #InfectiousHappiness

Main Services

Holistic Precision Wellness

  • Personal Coach
  • Unique Personalized Wellness Plans:
    • Fitness
    • Food - Just Right for You!
    • Meal Plans - Including Recipes
    • Deep Dive into Lifestyle and what makes YOU Thrive

Nature Therapy

  • Agroforestry Center
    • Food Forest, High Tunnel, Paca Poo Fertilizer
  • Guided Tours
    • Yellowstone National Park
    • Lewis and Clark Caverns
    • Hyalite, Cliff & Wade, Float the Missouri River
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Mind and Body

  • Guided Meditations
  • Wellness Retreats
  • Sacred Ceremony
  • Nutraceuticals and Plant Medicines
  • Forest Bathing and Grounding
Spa Stones Massage

Animal Therapy

  • Alpacas
  • Livestock Guard Dog
  • Cats
  • Chickens and Ducks

Client Reviews

Nevada is outstanding - patient, hits all the points and has been a big help in my recovery after an auto accident. I so appreciate her professionalism and helping me.

Michael H.

Fantastic session yesterday. So uncanny how she addresses and works with my problem areas. I feel this is so important to my well being - - I definitely benefit from regualr sessions with Nevada!

Scott J.

I have been struggling with keeping life in balance. I went to see Nevada for a few Life Coach sessions where she helped me with nutrition, meditation and making sure to schedule time for myself! It has really helped me! Plus she helped me with some chronic neck and shoulder pain as well! Thanks Nevada!

Cera A.

Me, my mom and my 2 kids (6 and 10) stayed at the SpaDome this past weekend and the whole experience was thoroughly enjoyed by all ages! The Dome was clean, cozy, and relaxing. The host was worried about the roosters and the Livestock Guard Dog interrupting our sleep and even offered a white noise machine and ear plugs, which none of us had to use and we slept like babies! We got to feed the alpacas (and meet the new baby paca!) My son played soccer with the dog, and my daughter got to put the chickens to bed! When we weren't busy, we put on some music, bbq'd and played cards at this beautiful place in the middle of nowhere! It's bit of a drive out there but totally worth it! 10/10 recommend!

Steffany S.

6300 Jackrabbit Lane, Suite 2

Belgrade, MT 59714

Agroforestry Center

and SpaDome

130 Skyline Rd

Three Forks, MT 59752

Call: +1 (406) 853-6379




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What Is a Synchronicity Ceremony?

A Synchronicity Ceremony involves the intentional consumption of a psychedelic fungus. Intentions range from addressing emotional wounds and personal growth to experiencing mystical connections and spiritual insights. Psychedelic mushrooms and their ceremonies have a long and fascinating history, dating back thousands of years.

The History of Synchronicity Ceremonies Unlike many psychedelic compounds that require processing for their psychoactive effects, mushrooms can be consumed directly as found in nature. This ease of use led to their early embrace by humans, with evidence of ceremonial use dating back to ancient times, our proprietary blend of Nutraceuticals take these ancient practices even further using emerging Epigenetic Science. Today, one can experience a modern-day Synchronicity Ceremony just an hour away from sprawling Bozeman, Montana, where groundbreaking legislation is being written on psychedelic treatments. These ceremonies are part of cutting-edge research and development in the field. During these ceremonies, participants intentionally consume psilocybin mushrooms, exploring their inner worlds and seeking transformative experiences. These events take place in a supportive and safe environment, carefully designed to maximize the benefits of the journey. At the heart of the ceremony lies the intention to heal, grow, and gain profound insights into one's life. Participants may engage in deep introspection, confronting emotional wounds from the past, and connecting with a higher sense of spirituality. Throughout history, people across various cultures have engaged in similar practices using different names and contexts. However, the essence remains the same - a quest for greater understanding, harmony, and connection with oneself and the universe, much like the late psychological pioneer Carl Jung who coined the term Synchronicity.

What Can I Expect From a Synchronicity Ceremony? In a Synchronicity Ceremony, participants typically consume our proprietary blend of Nutraceuticals, carefully dosed for an optimal experience, individuals may experience profound insights into life and the emergence of unconscious psychological patterns. To ensure the most meaningful experience, preparation and introspection beforehand are emphasized. During the ceremony, participants may encounter colorful geometric visions and make connections between different memories and experiences. The process may lead to a deep exploration of unconscious concerns and facilitate transformative insights.

Ceremonial Psilocybin Mushrooms At higher doses of ceremonial psilocybin mushrooms, mystical experiences and ego dissolution are more likely to occur. These experiences often involve a profound surrender of defense mechanisms, highlighting the importance of a safe and supportive environment. In a group setting, participants may experience a profound sense of interconnectedness with others and the world around them. Such shared experiences can be transformative and foster a sense of unity and compassion among participants.

The Unique Setting Near Bozeman, Montana The Synchronicity Ceremonies take place in a location just one hour away from sprawling Bozeman, Montana on a private Alpaca Ranch down a five mile, private dirt road. Additionally Montana is at the forefront of psychedelic research and development, with progressive legislation being written on psychedelic treatments. In this cutting-edge setting, participants have the opportunity to engage in ceremonies that are conducted with the utmost care and professionalism. The team behind these ceremonies includes experienced facilitators and researchers dedicated to providing a safe, transformative, and meaningful experience for all participants.

Research and Development The Synchronicity Ceremonies conducted in this location are not only about personal exploration but also contribute to ongoing research and development in the field of psychedelics. With the legislative support for psychedelic treatments, these ceremonies are part of a broader effort to understand the therapeutic potential of psilocybin and other psychedelics. As participants embark on their journeys, they become part of this exciting frontier, helping pave the way for the integration of psychedelic therapies into mainstream medicine and mental health care. In conclusion, a Synchronicity Ceremony represents an ancient practice rejuvenated in a contemporary setting. With the breathtaking backdrop of Montana and the pioneering spirit of progressive legislation, these ceremonies offer a unique opportunity for profound personal growth, spiritual exploration, and contributions to the ongoing advancement of psychedelic research and development.